How Has Shaun Stenning Been Helping The Local Community During The Covid 19?

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How Has Shaun Stenning Been Helping The Local Community During The Covid 19?

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Shaun Stenning one of the co-founders of Sutai Experiences has recently been conducting a number of interviews on the situation on the ground in Phuket. With the continued Covid Pandemic, rising cases and strict restrictions Shaun Stenning has been using his voice to highlight the plight of the local community.

With over 19 months of Food Relief work behind Shaun, recently he has stepped forward and talked with Jay LeShark and Russell from the Phuket Podcast. If you would like to know more about what’s happening in Phuket, what the situation is like, and why Shaun and his team are continuing to help out the locals we would recommend taking the time to listen to the podcast here:


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In addition to this podcast, Shaun Stenning has also been interviewed on The Thaiger by Tim Newton about the Worker Camp Crisis and the onground situation in Phuket. You can find those two interviews below:

Finally, if you would like an in-depth look at exactly what Shaun Stenning is doing then we strongly recommend you watch this amazing, heartfelt video from Chris Parker:

Shaun Stenning
Shaun Stenning
Shaun is the Co-Owner and Founder of 5 Star Marine Phuket. After visiting Phuket for a holiday he never left and over 13 years later he calls Phuket home with his wife and kids. Shaun is passionate about Phuket and the Islands surrounding Phuket and loves helping fellow travellers explore.