What Kind Of Experiences Does Sutai Experiences Offer?

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What Kind Of Experiences Does Sutai Experiences Offer?

Dolphins and Snorkelling

If you are looking for a VIP Small Group Tour to the Islands surrounding Phuket then look no further than Sutai Experiences.

Using our combined knowledge and experience we have created a number of unique, customized VIP Small Group Tours for our customers to enjoy. Here are some of the experiences that we offer:

Phi Phi Island Small-Group Tour

Discover the Phi Phi Islands in the comfort of a VIP Speedboat with a small group of like-minded travelers guided by our experienced team. Explore Maya Bay, Pileh Lagoon, Monkey Beach, Tonsai Bay, and more in style and comfort and at a pace that suits the small group who are with you on tour.

Our team has designed custom programs to visit the most beautiful areas of Phi Phi Island without crowds and to snorkel at locations with a great variety of Marine Life and Coral. To find out out more about our Phi Phi Island Small-Group Tour please visit: https://sutaiexperiences.com/tours/phi-phi-island/

James Bond Island Small-Group Tour

Discover the wonder of Phang Nga Bay, visit the famous “James Bond Island”, cruise through the Mangroves, and more on our customized Small Group Tour into Phang Nga Bay. The Bay has over 47 islands with hidden caves, mangroves, and more.

This is truly a magical journey one that our customers often refer to as “Stepping On To The Set Of Jurassic Park.” With massive stalactites, diamond rocks and more your journey into the Bay is full of wonder, excitement, and with many unique stops that you will not find in another part of the world.

To find out more about our James Bond Island Small-Group Tour please visit: https://sutaiexperiences.com/tours/james-bond-island/

Dolphin Watching And Snorkeling

Phuket is blessed to have a pod of dolphins that can be seen regularly at one of two island locations surrounding Phuket. This half-day experience will allow you to snorkel crystal clear water, play on white sandy beaches, and if you are lucky spot dolphins playing in the wild.

To find out more about our Dolphin Watching And Snorkeling Experience please visit: https://sutaiexperiences.com/tours/dolphins-and-snorkelling/

Shaun Stenning
Shaun Stenning
Shaun is the Co-Owner and Founder of 5 Star Marine Phuket. After visiting Phuket for a holiday he never left and over 13 years later he calls Phuket home with his wife and kids. Shaun is passionate about Phuket and the Islands surrounding Phuket and loves helping fellow travellers explore.